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New Member looking for Tatro/Tetreault

PostPosted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:17 pm
by AdrienneWeible-1158
Looking for information on the family of Lewis N Tatro, who was born abt 1839 in St. John, CA and died in Underhill, VT in 1908. Lewis was the town barber in Underhill and had a brother, Andrew, in Jericho. I have a lot of information on his descendants, but little on his ancestors. His father was Andre Tetreault and his mother was Florance Martin Chartier. She shows up in VT with her second husband, Robert Massie, and I believe she died in Jericho in 1884. I know nothing about Lewis's father, Andre or his step-father, Robert Massie. Any help would be apprecisted.

Also looking for Babcock, Jones, McGee, Gleason and Gile, all in Chittenden County.

Re: New Member looking for Tatro/Tetreault

PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:53 pm
by AndreaMartell-1132
Dear Adrienne,

I saw your post and I did a look up for you on I did find a Louis Tetreault, son of Andre Tetreault and Therese Florence Martin in Marieville, Rouville, QC. I also found his siblings. is a database so you will still have to look up the original records to source everything. Or perhaps I have the wrong Louis Tetreault. I've attached Louis Tetreault birth record and his parents marriage record.

Andre Tetreault is the son of Louis Tetreault and Louise Gelineau/Daniel
Florence Martin is the daughter of Jean Baptiste Martin and Marie Jared/Beauregard.

I also found the record of Louis Tetreault's siblings. I can send you all the records by e-mail if you write me at


Andrea Martell