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Postby ThomasWheel-985 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:19 pm has initiated a collaborative genealogy project called Family Tree. This is a free project; merely sign up. It is online only. Their aim is to establish a single structure that connects all humans. Certainly very ambitious. I began significant work on this project about 16 months ago and I am very pleased with its progress. This project is why has ceased to offer the Personal Ancestral File software application through its website.

The project allows any member to add, modify, delete, etc. the entries for any person in the Tree. While this may provoke some issues later, the ability to attach documented sources to each person’s record should preclude most debates. For example, attaching the image of the original birth record removes any doubt about its content. I have found that my own research and documentation for each person is more thorough as a result.

The features available at and used with the Family Tree project should be exciting to any French-Canadian researcher in Vermont. All of the Quebec original parish registers microfilmed by the Mormon Church are now available online as are most records for the State of Vermont. The Vermont records can be directly saved to a researcher’s Source Box and attached to records of one or more people. The Quebec records first require the creation of a source but can be hyperlinked to the microfilmed image.

For example, my father, Raymond Amedee Wheel, is Tree ID Number L8CF-TSW. I attached to his person’s details page his City of Burlington birth record with a direct link to a microfilm image of the original certificate. I created a source to document his baptism at Saint Joseph’s Church. I attached his 1920, 1930, and 1940 US Census records, World War II enlistment record, marriage records, death record, etc. Of the 10 sources attached to his page, 9 are hyperlinked to the original document.

Examples of blended Quebec-Vermont details page is Adelina Berard Tree ID Number ID Number LDYS-2QQ and Eduxie Beauchemin Tree ID Number LW2B-851. Ambroise Lacroix is a simple example of an all Quebec details page Tree ID Number ID LHRR-CQ1.

The Family Tree database was seeded with all of the holdings of the Mormon Church’s genealogical files and indexed records. As a result, many duplicate records exist and must be resolved by researchers. Most dates and places are undocumented but I have found them to be reasonably accurate when accessing the original source document. At least, they provide a clue.

I recommend that you examine this project and decide if it is of interest to you. I would like to hear from other members who are participating in this project. I consider my own work in Family Tree to be my legacy to future generations.
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Postby BillCraig-836 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:35 pm

A timely topic, take a look at this ... .html?_r=0
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