VTGENLIB Membership

VTGENLIB Membership

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The Vermont Genealogy Library has a description of the benefits of membership and an online store for joining at http://www.vtgenlib.org/store/membership. Currently our resources and expertise are limited to the United States, Canada and Western European countries. Briefly here are some of the benefits of membership.

The heart and soul of any organization is its people and the Vermont Genealogy Library is no exception. We have the resources in place to make our tag line "We're here to help" a reality. We'll be describing our library and computer rooms but these are more than rooms, there is a trained and scheduled staff that covers these rooms to help and guide you. No longer do you browse the library selves or thumb through a notebook listing of books, our library catalog is on line and there is a computer in the library room available for book searches. The index of baptisms and marriages is on line allowing you to search for your ancestors.

Not all members can come to the library easily so we have several outreach programs. The Library Catalog search and the Baptism and Marriage index search are available at any computer, not just at the library. You can research which books you are interested in before arriving, thereby better utilizing your time. We have a paid service for copying and mailing baptism and marriage records with a reduced price for members. While we have a robust schedule of classes there is much to be learned in casual conversation with other members, so we have introduced a VTGENLIB FORUM. This forum is readable by all but the privilege of asking questions and offering information is limited to members. This forum will be a boost for members regardless of their location. A beginners guide to the forum usage is located here http://www.vtgenlib.org/WebDocs/forumQuickStart.pdf.

In addition each member receives a copy of the Spring and Fall edition of our Journal, Links.
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