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Quick Look Up (QLU) Service

Quick Lookup is a service we are offering on a trial basis to current members who live at least an hour's drive away from the VT Genealogy Library or those who are unable to travel to the VT Genealogy Library. If you find a book in our online catalog that may contain information of interest to you, you may request that a volunteer search that book for you. Volunteers will spend up to 15 minutes on each request and you will recieve an email informing you that one of your QLUs have been updated. Remote members are allowed up to three (3) searches per month. Please allow two (2) weeks for a response.

If you have a more general query or require more in-depth genealogy research, please use the Research Request Form in our store.

To request a QLU enter your email address in the box below

If you are experiencing any difficulties please send a note to webmaster@vtgenlib.org.

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