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Archives of the Notaries of Quebec covering 1800s-1900s    
Global Genealogy for Quebec     The links in this section are to useful, searchable online genealogical and historical information for those researching their Quebec roots. Most links are free online resources ( free ) however there are also links to some commercial resources ($) that were recommended by satisfied users.
Quebec Obituaries from 1999 and up Jul 2015    This database contains 1,685,650 obituaries beginning in 1999 from more than 250 internet sources.
ROOTSWEB - Search the QUEBEC RESEARCH LIST Archives Oct 2014    Ancestry.com webpage set for searches on "QUEBEC-RESEARCH".
Acadian and French Canadian Genealogy by John P.DuLong     Web site dedicated to French genealogical research focused primarily on Acadian (also known as Cajun) and French Canadian genealogical research, but includes Creole, Métis, Huguenot, Foreign French, French, Belgian, and Swiss research as well.
Canada - France Archives Online    
Churches of Quebec in Photos     Welcome to the website of the Quebec Inventory of worship, a project of the Council of the religious heritage of Québec, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Communications. This site provides access to a fact sheet and photographs for each of the inventoried buildings or places of worship of different religious traditions erected before 1975. To access photographs or information on places of worship of the inventory, you can use one of our three search engines.
Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne - Hire an Expert    Website offers search service called Histoquest and they will do extensive genealogical searches for a fee.
Drouin Institute Microfilms - Good list of Notaries    The collection of 2,366 microfilms of the Drouin Collection contains vital records Catholics and other denominations of Quebec, from its origins to 19401942 for all until August 1968 for Hull and Gatineau, Ontario until June 1968 Ottawa, Acadia and the United States; The collection also includes microfilm notaries and various documents.
Marlene Simmons - Quebec and Eastern Townships Page    Quebec genealogy poses some interesting problems, especially in the Eastern Townships that were largely settledby English-speaking people whose roots go back into the New England states. In an effort to help clear up some of these problems, the author indexed over 630,000 church, cemetery, census, and newspaper articles. To view the indexing, click on the Churches Indexed link at the top of the page.
Monteregie - [South of Montreal] Links to Cities, Libraries,Societies, Cultural Institutions etc    Links to websites re: cities, libraries, societies and cultural institutions.
Monteregie - [South of Montreal] Links to Cities, Libraries,Societies, Cultural Institutions etc    Montérégie is an administrative region in southwest Québec. This webpage provides information about the cities and weblinks andor email addresses for further research.
Montreal 1666 Census     1666 Census listing the 627 inhabitants at that time and their occupations (in French). A key at the bottom of the census list gives the English translation of the occupations.
NEHGS - French Canadian Genealogy Guide   
PRDH Online Includes reconstituted families up to 1799    Computerized population register, consisting of biographical records of all individuals of European origin who lived in the St. Lawrence Valley. Paid Subscription Website.
Quebec to United States SURNAME CHANGES    List of French surnames cross-walked to the names adopted after migration to the US
Tanguay Dictionaire - Online     Genealogical Dictionary, Canadian families
Top Ten websites for Quebecers by Marcel Fournier Apr 2015    Access to religious and civil records for Quebec area.
Wikipedia - Notable Franco-Americans     List of notable French Americans by occupation, including both original immigrants who obtained American citizenship and their American descendants.
Yamaska Pedigree Charts   

ADHEMAR Database of Montreal Properties & Owners 1642 to 1805   
Changes in both the counties, villages and settlements of Quebec    The following database contains information on villages and communities where families settled in Lower Canada and Quebec from 1760 onward. This document will assist researchers seeking to find the names ( past and current ) of these settlements.
Eastern Townships BMD's - 1831 to 1878 Sherbrooke Newspapers    Cemetery records for Quebec organized by historical county.
Francogene Database by Denis Beauregard - His Total DB is on our Computers    
Hemmingford,Quebec Cemetery Records     Consists of a database of over 6,000 records from 20 area cemeteries.
Marriage, baptism and burial records of St. Luce of Frenchville, Maine    The Ste Luce Church Registers. The Fr. Henri Dionne years, 1843-1860
The following links describe the databases and transcriptions extracted from the Ste Luce registers:
•Baptisms, January 1843 - January 1860
•Marriages, January 1843 - January 1860
•Burials, January 1843 - January 1860
•Confirmations, August 1844 & July 1850
•1858 parish censuses, December 1857 - January 1858

Parchemin Info and lists of Notaries, sorted 3 ways    Hundreds of thousands of records referencing all of the information contained in the minutes of the notaries of early Québec, from the earliest hours of France’s colonization of North America until December 31, 1799. It is practically the entire output of the 277 notaries who practiced during nearly two centuries of history.
Parchemin Info from Pierre Benoit    Notarial database of old Québec (1635-1784)
Parchment is an almost complete inventory of notarial minutes of an entire people, from its origins until 1784.
From 1635 until 1784, the end of the French regime, all deeds: marriage contracts, sales, wills, probate inventories, etc. have been fully and carefully stripped, essentially, verified and entered on computer format.

Quebec Cemeteries    Allows for search by county or by surname.
Search about 200 Protestant Churches in Quebec    Search births, marriage and death records.
Search for Articles in Periodicals at UltimaQues    Search for articles published in Canadian, American and European periodicals. The articles are indexed by subject, author and title in the fields of genealogy , history and heraldry

Voyageurs (In English - Travellers) Database     Allows you to search the database using the following fields: Name; Occupation; Parish; Destinations andor Date of Contract.

French Heritage DNA Project    The French-Canadian Heritage Society of California and the Southern California Genealogical Society are proud to announce the French Heritage DNA Project which will include anyone with French heritage including but not limited to French, French-Canadian, Acadian, Cajun, Metis, and all our other cousins. This project is dedicated to the several hundred founding ancestors who came primarily from France in the 17th century and from whom most of us with French-Canadian heritage descend.
Jacques Beaugrand Website - Very Interesting    Site, written in French, with information about and to promote DNA genealogy.

The Jesuit Relations - Online     This site contains the entire English translation of The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, originally compiled and edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites-published by The Burrows Brothers Co. throughout the latter part of the nineteenth century. Each file represents the total English contents of a single published volume.
Angelique and the Burning of Montreal - Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne     This site will take you back to the Montréal of 1734 and its daily way of life. You will discover how a colonial city functioned, its people, its housing and its constant fear of fires.
Chambly Historical Society - 1681 and 1831 Census and much information; St Mathias 1765     History of Fort Chambly.
French Canada History Websites    
Mississquoi Museum -Contains many maps of the area    Missisquoi Museum features exhibitions and education programmes which explore the many individuals and events that contributed to the historic development of Missisquoi County.
NosOrigines Database - Great for the 1600s and 1700s    History of church records and civil status & other resources.

Quebec History & US Migrations    Texts, readings documents and other information re: the immigration history of Canada.
Regiment de Meuron    This list consists of names of soldiers and officers of the Meuron regiment present in Lower Canada between 1813 and 1816 only.

The Raid On Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704    Raid On Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704. The website includes stories told from all sides.
The War That Made America PBS "French & Indian War" BIOGRAPHIES of the French, British and Native American Leaders     This section contains capsule biographies of major figures as well as ordinary individuals from the period of the French and Indian War. Each “identity card” belongs to one of three categories: British, French, or Indian. More information may be found about these individuals in the French and Indian War resources or from other online historical sites. Teachers may want to download the biographies to use as a classroom resource.
The War That Made America PBS "French & Indian War" BIOGRAPHIES of the French, British and Native American Leaders     This section contains capsule biographies of major figures as well as ordinary individuals from the period of the French and Indian War. Each “identity card” belongs to one of three categories: British, French, or Indian.
Wikipedia Franco American    Wikipedia entry describing historical and current information about Americans of french descent.

Boucherville Map of 1724    Can download map through SCRIBD service.
Searchable map of the old Quebec Counties     Page includes historical maps of old Quebec counties. You can move your mouse over the maps to find additional information about the original owners (marriagesoccupationstransfers). Some maps have web links to relevant pages with more information.

Maple Stars and Stripes PODCASTS - AUDIO blogs for French Canadian research Oct 2014    Maple Stars and Stripes: Your French-Canadian Genealogy Podcast was created as a way to share tips and tricks that might make it easier to research your French-Canadian family here in America as well as to trace them back in Quebec. We’ll discuss ways to make it easier to move around in French-language records, especially if you’re not a native French speaker, as well as take a look at different record groups, repositories, history, geography, culture, and methodology particular to French-Canadian genealogy.

Library and Archives Canada - Ancestor Search - Genealogy & Family History - Immigration - Grosse Iles - and more Sept 2015   
Bibliotheque & National Archives of Quebec     Search the Pistard Archives - English - READ ONLY
Bibliotheque & National Archives of Quebec     Non-Catholic BMD in the Montreal area etc...
Bibliotheque & National Archives of Quebec     Search the Pistard Archives by SURNAME - Do SEARCH here
Eastern Townships Resource Center - many good links Feb 2015    Website of the Eastern Townships Resource Centre located at Bishop’s University (2600 College Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec).

Electronic New France - many good Links     Welcome to Electronic New France, where all the best websites pertaining to French colonial America are gathered. Many, but not all, sections are in English.
Montreal Libraries - Catalog of Resources    
Our Roots - Nos Racines    Our Roots is a library, archive, museum and school all in one. Check the collection to find Canadian local histories in French and English. Check Educational Resources for learning packages for students and teachers. Check back with us often – we’re always adding more.

Eastern Townships BMD's - 1831 to 1878 Sherbrooke Newspapers   
Francogene Database of Denis Beauregard    The entire database is on our computers at the library.
Francois Marchi's Genealogy Site Apr 2015    These genealogy pages relate to François Marchi and the following families are included: Family Carufel(Sicard de Carufel);Family Gouin;
Family Lamothe(Cauchon said Lamothe); Marchi Family.
French and Québécois Cultural Connections - Frances Chevalier PhD    List of helpful links for research.
How to Get Notary Records from Montreal    Vermont French Canadian Genealogical Society HANDOUT

Class taught on 31 October 2015 by John Fisher-Poissant
Library and National Archives, Quebec (BANQ)    This organization is the primary government repository for genealogical (and other historical) records.
Vermont French-Canadian Genealogy Society    Membership organization specializing in French-Canadian genealogy, offering library and research facilities.

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