2016 DNA Day sales!

On Monday, April 25th, we’ll be celebrating the 63rd anniversary of the discovery of the structure of the DNA double-helix by scientists James Watson, Francis Crick, Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.  Looking back it is easy to see what a true revolution this was for modern biology, genetics and, yes, genealogy. Today, DNA testing is … Continue reading »


December Class: Exploring Ghosts Through History

Exploring Ghosts Through History: Winooski’s Favorite Haunts! Join us at The Vermont Genealogy Library on December 7th at 10:30 a.m. when local author and historian Thea Lewis presents a peek at the Winooski’s spirited past through stories and photos. Thea will host a question and answer period after her presentation, so bring your childhood memories and family stories to share! Thea … Continue reading »

Stories / Tips and Tricks

Allard = Pork?

While conducting research on our Allard family line, I have found that there have bee many transpositions of the name.  These include: Alard, Alare, Alart, and Halare.  But Pork?  I highly questioned this.  Taken literally, the translation of Lard in French means pork, but who would be so literal? I found this information when I … Continue reading »


2013 Annual Christmas Dinner

It’s that time of year again for fun, fellowship, and frivolity!  Join us for our Annual Christmas Dinner! We will meet at JP’s Restaurant (39 River Road, Essex, Vermont) on Thursday, December 5th, 2013. Cocktails at 6:00PM (cash bar) and dinner at 6:30PM. Choose between Baked Lemon Pepper Haddock, Chicken Marsala, and Roast Pork with apple stuffing, … Continue reading »


A Scotsman…or no?

An older couple stopped in to our Library one night when my father, Paul, one of our founding members, and his wife, Jan, one of our expert librarians, were working.  The wife was very enthusiastic about her search, excited about each new nugget of information.  But her husband was less than enthused: we was bored … Continue reading »